Yesterday Can Rigall officially closed for the winter season. We had to ford the river on our last trip down the mountain because a solid week of rain flooded the bridge. I’m drinking hot chocolate under gray skies now in our apartment in Sorede. It’s hard to believe Alain and I spent the last Sunday in October biking and sailing under a shining southern French soleil.

We rode from our apartment to the coast, climbed the hills behind the seaside village of Collioure and followed the wine route through picturesque vineyards down to the village center. We bought a bottle of local rose wine at the Sunday outdoor market and finished  the afternoon toasting with a friend on his sailboat. We spent this ridiculously perfect day dressed in our Ben’s Bikes gear graciously sent to us from Athen’s Georgia. Hope you enjoyed the tour and looking forward to biking with you some more!

A bientot!


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