In a mass email sent from Africa almost five years ago I promised friends and family that I’d start a blog so they wouldn’t have to receive my possibly intruding emails from abroad; so they could read up on my whereabouts at their own leisure if desired.

But I just never did it. I don’t have a good reason. The same way I can’t explain my professional experience in standard resume form which goes something like: newspaper reporter turned high school English teacher turned organic restaurateur and seasonal national park ranger turned yoga teacher turned french cycling guide, all with a bit of free-lance writing, farm-working, sailing, rough-traveling, adventuring, soap making, wild plant eating and foreign language learning (to name just a few tangents) in between. I’ve just been distracted is all. I used to say I was avoiding a stable career so I could pursue one in writing. But the truth is my real life direction is simply continual distraction. There are just too many things to do in such a short lifetime.

But I recently received some shamanic advice about writing. I need to be doing more of it apparently. And so, friends and family, here you have the long ago promised blog. If I had it my way you’d all receive hand-typed purple mimeographs of my entries. But I’m well aware that’s not the world we inhabit. Instead I’ve set up my vintage typewriter in my french apartment as my blog mascot. In french it’s called a machine á ecrire, aka, writing machine– exactly what I aim to become with the commencement of this blog about life’s distractions.

Let’s begin with a quote shared with me by my best muse of a friend and pen pal in Newport News, Va:

He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realise.
~ Oscar Wilde

Salut from France, a bientot!


7 Responses to “Why I’m Typing”

  1. Kate & John Sevigny said

    I love to read whatever you write. So write mooore. We’ve sold the house in HIawassee and have resettled in Vero Beach, come and see us whenever.
    Kate & John

    • Will definitely come visit! Check out One Yoga Planet in Ft. Pierce. You’ll love Jay’s classes…and probably other new teachers I haven’t met yet. And head this way any time!! Big love from France, Avery

  2. Coni Brown said

    Hi Avery!
    This is Coni (and Stan) Coni’s Island (used to be Coni’s Cabins) I googled your name to see if I could find you and glad I did! So wonderful to read about your observations & journey’s. Looking forward to reading more! Take Care, Coni Brown

    • So good to hear from you Coni! Life’s cycles are wondrous and those you’ve touched tend to return when you least expect it. Hope you’re still making beautiful art and inspiring islanders everywhere! Joyeuses Fêtes et Meilleurs Voeux.

  3. Travis said

    Hey, ol’ gal, I thought this thing got updates….

  4. Me said

    I thought blogs only worked when they were updated? What’s up?

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