Noel Deux Milles Dix

January 6, 2011

Et bienvenue deux milles onze…

Alain and I stayed home for the holidays this year. Did some hiking and exploring in our new back yard–les Pyrenees et la Mediterranee. Following are some photos between Christmas and New Year’s. Notice the blue sky theme. Some days are cold, others quite warm, but usually always a clear horizon. More writing to come. For now enjoy the scenery…

Short sleeve weather in winter begs for a celebration pose!

A holiday stroll up into the hills brought the blue sky even closer.

We obviously drove to this spot, with mother-in-law in tow.

Grrrrrrr roar... Gisele's holiday dress.

Leopard dresses call for a little music.

Tres interessant, ca...

Two-pants days deserve poses too, non?

The sea!

Au revoir for now.


3 Responses to “Noel Deux Milles Dix”

  1. Marian said

    I see the “blue sky” theme, but also “exuberance”… from the poses, leopard dress, terrain, whole chicken, music, smiles, right down to Lilly’s American pink harness! Here’s to continued exuberance for you throughout 2011!

  2. peter thurlow said


  3. Julie Shaw said

    Avery, Very interesting facts and the photos are beautiful. I’m sure you have many stories I would love to hear more.

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