Five Things Naive Americans Should Know

December 27, 2010

1. The Mediterranean is a sea, not an ocean. And it’s spelled with two r’s, and it doesn’t have tides.

2. It’s perfectly fine to sell already burnt fire wood. It’s called charbon de bois.

3. The oddly cold kitchen cabinet does not conceal a hole in the wall where expensive heat escapes, but is mandatory ventilation. It works good as a root cellar in my opinion, maybe even a refrigerator, the olive oil I had in there solidified!

4. The three-hour and six-hour options on the washing machine are not for REALLY dirty clothes. They’re delay buttons so the machine will start at night, when the electricity demand is lower and thus cheaper. (Great feature)

5. You read the menu right, the price of the bone, no meat attached, will cost you the same as the steak and fries. It’s called an Os a Moelle, or the recycled steak plate maybe?



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